In Search of Stephen King

In Search of Stephen King

It suddenly became dire that I get a simple message to Stephen King, even though everyone, everything, said that this was impossible.

Being a big fan was not enough. His movies that I watched since I was a kid, his books which enthralled me starting in my college days, changing my life, making me think in all directions at once, these things were not enough to ensure me any contact with the King.

So what was I to do? I smelled “what if” all around me like the snicker of a looming storm.

It did not try to contact the author before. It was not until the signs began to appear.

At first I thought that I lost it (like King’s administrators reading this now). Does Mr. King believe in signs? Or just coincidences? There is that gray magical veil that divides yet entangles an author with his fiction. But my heart chose to believe that the King did believe in signs.

I could no longer ignore them.

First it was his book, “On Writing,” which seemed to leap into my lap at the perfect time in my writer’s life.

Then, not long after, a family member handed me a newspaper article, utterly out of the blue mind you, interviewing Stephen King.

Finally, that last sign came. I received a message inviting me to read his new book set in “South Carolina,” of all places. That did it. I recently wrote a book set in South Carolina as well, to be published this summer.

And so I reached out, knowing that Stephen “might” read this message. Surely an administrator of the King might be open to signs and pass this message on to him, if for nothing else, to add the crooked dimly sunlit ray of a chuckle to his busy writing day.

Why else?

Because someone gave Mr. King a chance a long time ago. I just want that same chance. To bask in the “what if” for a beautiful fleeting moment. To say that I asked the King to read an ARC about a haunting story set in South Carolina so that he might bestow a 1-2 sentence review blurb.

A sign.

A spin of fate.

To see.

If my hunch is true in the end. That Stephen King is not a message board or an icon or a fortress guarded celebrity.

But just another writer.

Yours in literature and readership, Stephen,


6 thoughts on “In Search of Stephen King

  1. susanjmcleod June 5, 2013 / 10:21 pm

    I believe in signs too, Jesse! You never know until you try! I really hope that Stephen gets back to you!

  2. Glynis June 6, 2013 / 11:23 pm

    I also believe in signs, So I hope that you receive a messege of some kind from Mr. King. Good Luck!

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