A Man Who Defeats Boundaries: Reflections of a Captain Shelby General

As some of you know, I recently took on the Army of Amazon in an attempt to make the top paid 100. It was a battle I’ll never forget, not just for its almost insurmountable odds and deep lessons, but for its warriors that joined my cause. Some of them became generals, and this blog series is a tribute to them, their stories and reflections. I salute them, as well as all the officers who fought nobly by my side.

Please join me today in honoring General Solon Hosophos.

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) Honorare

A divine intervention by the BFF of my first girl-friend brought me into contact with Jesse, who was about to publish his first novel with Imajin Books. And as I read Pelican Bay I found a writer that I liked, a character I could relate to and another character that I would love to meet. His second marketing activity was the Skeleton Army and I loved that idea. I hoped to get Jesse into the top 100 bestsellers of Amazon, to have some fun and to meet other interesting people. Well two out of three is a success methinks. Also I learned a lot about social marketing, about friendship that was thought to be lost to the past, and of friendship that started and exists (so far) only in the cyber world.

Jesse, Captain Shelby and the Skeleton Army showed me that it is possible. That dreams can come true and that nothing should ever stop one from living one’s dream. It encouraged me to start writing again, to join a creative writing course and to sell my work. And one day I will find a publisher who believes in me, who knows the niche for my ideas and who will help me in making my dream come true as well.

All this unearthed with Jesse G. Christiansen, Kat Flannery, Sheral Downham, Tanya Masse, and Cheryl Kaye Tardif, and grew to a family of published, self-published and unpublished authors who share some common things: love for words, compassion for imagination and a dream that can (and will) become reality. I wish I could mention all of my new friends and writer colleagues, but there will be a day where each one of you will be mentioned!

To you Jesse, and to Imajin Books, I send all my best wishes for further success. My prayers for a safe path to success are with you. Whatever I can do to support the arts I will!


Born in the middle of August 1972, I never lost my love for summer weather and the related activities such as swimming. In 1992, I passed my “Abitur”, the German version of the Leaving Certificate that entitles one to attend Universities all over Europe. So I started studying protestant theology with the intention of becoming a pastor. I met my lovely wife and fell in love on first sight. I worked as shoe repairer, key cutter, shop assistant and some other student jobs to finance my studies. But dead languages are a prerequisite for the final exams and I was not good at Latin or ancient Greek at all, so I decided to stop that career and become an IT professional as most of my friends and family always suggested. In 2000, I joined a professional re-education program at Siemens and became a qualified IT specialist, in application development. I was a self-employed IT consultant and coach for some time and became a master data specialist and customer service representative for a global data pool. In 2008, I moved to Ireland where I still work in the Global Standards environment as specialist for data pool master data and EDI.

I have carried the story of my grandfather, my father-in-law and other WWII survivors with me for a while now. Their stories want to be told. Wilhelm shouts at me to stop researching and interviewing and finally start writing. And so does Fiona, an immortal shrew whose life is connected to my new motherland, Ireland. And some characters and stories that only want a few pages to be told.

My first literary steps were done at the age of 14, as I wrote some sci-fi short stories and some modern style poems. In 2004, my beloved daughter took her first breath which restarted my writing of poems, short stories and drafts for a novel. I have not published any of my works yet. An initial self-publishing trial will start in German, once I have reviewed and polished my old poems and literary pieces.

Thank you General Hosophos for sharing these sincere and articulate reflections and personal facts. Thank you for being a person that not only encourages, inspires, and supports fellow authors like myself, but also someone who shatters the boundaries of “social media acquaintances” … who soulfully beckons the whole Internet family to create a brand new category of friendship in our century. I believed before today that social media such as Facebook can perpetuate illusions of friendship with those one has never met. But you, and others like yourself, have made me rethink all of that now … because you feel like a friend, and I would go into battle with you again any time.

Yours in literature,


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