Top Ten Funniest One-Star Amazon Reviews, Volume II


One-star reviews from top-selling authors not only restore the faith of undiscovered but talented published writers who receive awful as well as great reviews, but they seem to be an unending chuckle factory … so much so the volumes keep coming! By popular demand, here are some more literary laughs.

10. “The book was completely filled with highlights, and notes written on every single page. I’ve bought many used books before, but this one should of been trashed, wasted money on shipping … Big Joke.” (Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck)

9. “No idea. Purchased by my niece on my account, because she is too young to have a credit card. I hope she enjoyed it.” (Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins)

8. “I thought this was a silly book that rambled on and on about stupid things.” (The Valley of Amazement, Amy Tan)

7. “Shortest short story I’ve ever read. Not even worth $.99. I do not think it should be called a short story.” (Wilderness, Dean Koontz)

6. “I am about 30 pages before the end and I literally just stopped reading. The “plot” is so thin and poorly executed, I am just over it.” (Fifty Shades Freed, E.L. James)

5. “Please! Little House on the Prairie meets drug cartel. Please Mr. Patterson, if you and your co-writers can’t do better than this, stop writing! (Gone, James Patterson)

4. “Worst book ever. Made it up as he went along . . . this has turned me off Stephen King’s books for a while.” (Doctor Sleep, Stephen King)

3. “I probably just didn’t understand what a library edition meant. The book had margins so small that it was hard to hold it open enough to read the edges of the print. I threw it away.” (Time to Kill, John Grisham)

2. “I thought this book was very boring and had no interesting adventures what so ever. People should not read this book.” (The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien)

1. “Not what I expected. Expected the actual book not this silly step by step thing. Not extremely pleased with it.” (How To Kill A Mockingbird, Takin G. Thepiss)


Yours in literature,


Disclaimer: these one-star reviews are shared in the spirit of catharsis and entertainment for literati. No offense is intended to the original authors. 


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