Flannery’s Yearning World: a Review of Lakota Honor


This timeless, classic-feeling novel is a story that will find its place, not just in your heart, but rising, rising, rising, in the world of promising contemporary fiction.

You turn the first few pages and a stardust hand wrought of virginal possibility, reaches out and pulls you in immediately. The reader enters Flannery’s world of plausible, yearning, unforgettable characters, a world divertingly and edifyingly doomed with the pressing challenges of a forgotten time, but a world not without love. In fact, this cleverly-woven story of unique romance and reckoning and honor, speaks not only of that magical realm that lies in the breath of Nora’s walks, in her fragile yet strong hands, and in the final twist that proves high tension stories can end in a way that many of us still pine for, but it also speaks of the inextinguishable and awe-inspiring power of love, to not only transcend seemingly insurmountable odds, but also to transform the souls of major characters in a book.

If you don’t read this book, then, quite incontrovertibly, you are not interested in the talented, exciting debuts in modern fiction, particularly within the genre of paranormal westerns/romance.

Yours in literature,


Lakota Honor eBook
Lakota Honor Paperback

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One thought on “Flannery’s Yearning World: a Review of Lakota Honor

  1. Kat Flannery January 10, 2014 / 11:32 pm

    Thank you, Jesse! Your review of LH has filled me with so much warmth. I am humbled and honoured that my words have touched readers like you. 🙂 Bless you.

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