The Dream Snatcher: A Review of Ryan Doan’s Cover Art

Oh but I dreamed. Of a book cover. And he snatched it out of my head. I don’t know how. I really don’t. But he did. And that dream came to fruition, became a reality, appearing on my first published novel, Pelican Bay. And that novel became an Amazon bestseller in the first day of its release.


Ryan Doan.

He snatches one’s vision out of his or her head and makes it a reality; a reality painted with colors from a palate of diving talent and vast imagination, with digital paint strokes that will make you gawk, will make your heart swoon, will rob your breath like a territorial cat, and bead you in goose bumps as if you just climbed dripping out of Lake Muse.

Now he’s done it again. He managed to snatch my dreams out of my head and designed a book cover for the novel I wrote when I was twenty-six years old. And everyone saw it in its full glory on a Facebook banner, at my book launch event.

My literary dreams snatched and birthed as if Ryan were a book cover midwife.

This is what everyone saw.


Ryan Doan.

Are you writing a book? Do you want just a book cover, or a snatched dream?

Visit Ryan Doan’s Web site here.



Yours in literature,



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