Legends From the Shadows, Stories From the Soul

Legends From the Shadows, Stories From the Soul

In this intelligent, sensitive, well-crafted first novel in the Lily Evans Mystery Series, the reader is ensnared by well-researched Egyptian historical magic, lulled by a deep yearning for love and identity, and enthralled by continuous twists of fun adventure.

As I read this book, I found myself charmed by its coziness and easy, yet articulate prose. Then McLeod weaves her magic subtly, and before long, readers will find themselves hypnotized by the deeper world that underwrites this book. Through Lily’s intermittent visions, we find more than just Egyptian legends wrought of shadows, we find stories within her soul that imperceptibly draw the reader into a paranormal realm embarking upon the true meaning of life and sisterhood and brotherhood, as well as a haunting metaphysics of how the past begets the present.

I look forward to continuing the series to see how Lily’s interesting webs untangle themselves, but more notably, to gain a deeper look into McLeod’s beautiful and intricate underworld.

Yours in literature,

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