Stop and Smell the Dark Roses: A Review of Sweet Karoline

Stop and Smell the Dark Roses: A Review of Sweet Karoline

Astolfo is one of the most subtle and patient storytellers that I have ever encountered. This book is like a movie you have to see at least a few times to understand its deeper nuances. Even the most careful reader will want to reflect afterwards, to go back and investigate its many layers. Sweet Karoline embodies a storetelling style that is often overlooked by the 21st century, one that we should hold onto for dear life. Take your time and savor this book’s human insight, vivid description, singular history, and intriguingly complicated characters … or you’ll owe this articulate, intelligent author an apology.

Thank you Astolfo, for your preternatural patience in delicately weaving mystery and suspense into an original, haunting story, for the deliciously dark peeks into the human soul, and for an overall twist that further lifts this novel well above mediocrity.

Yours in literature,

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