Beware, Deeper Books Lurk: A Review of Corporeal Pull


It is always a most pleasant surprise to find a novel on Amazon that stretches the boundaries of one’s imagination, not just within its central plot, but within its broad, passionate, and edifying conception of love. I was excited to find an author like Gauldin, who is weaving profound metaphysical ideas with page-turning plot movement.

Corporeal Pull is laced with haunting colors of noteworthy cinematic works such as, “What Dreams May Come,” and memorable classic literary works invoking guardian angel characters. The love story between Terra and Liam is unique, stirring, and will illuminate one’s memory for much time to come.

I’m glad that I read this novel, and I’m confident that fans of mystery and suspense with metaphysical elements, will certainly enjoy this book as well, especially those looking for a new, different, and lasting read.

Give this pleasantly diving and singular novel a try.

Yours in literature,


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