Journey Into Bigfoot Country: Are You Prepared?

Journey Into Bigfoot Country: Are You Prepared?

Perhaps you believe in the possibility of Bigfoot, but do you have an action plan ready should you ever spot one? Could you survive the 10 days that Errl must?

I’m excited to have author friend, Kenna McKinnon on my blog today talking about her latest book, BIGFOOT BOY: LOST ON EARTH, which will be .99 cents on Amazon from May 23-30!

Book Synopsis

A Bigfoot alien teen named Errl becomes separated from his classmates and lost in the forest when their airpod crashes on Earth in the middle of the Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.

Hunters and a Cub Scout leader shoot at Errl and try to prevent him from reaching the rescue ship, which he must meet in 10 days. Police capture him and transport him to a research facility. Errl finds human friends in the form of trapper Joe and his son Joey, who is bullied at school because of his association with Errl. True love enters the picture when Errl meets a golden Earth Bigfoot girl whom he nicknames Hunny.

Read it to see what happens next! Click here!

About the Author


Kenna’s own Journey into the Mystic started with Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) – an urban legend or the missing link between ape and man? Reports of Bigfoot sightings intrigued me as a YA author, and thus was born the concept of BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth, published by Mockingbird Lane Press in 2013.

Kenna McKinnon is a Canadian freelance writer, author of SpaceHive (Imajin Books 2012), and Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth (Mockingbird Lane Books 2013), as well as Benjamin and Rumblechum, The Insanity Machine and DISCOVERY: A Collection of Poetry. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Kenna is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and the Canadian Authors Association.



“McKinnon has written a coming-of-age novel with more twists and surprises than the mountain trails themselves.”

“Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth is a whimsical adventure with an astounding ending you won’t see coming!”

Author Info

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Visit http://www.KennaMcKinnonAuthor today. You could win some cool swag, including a signed copy of BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth and some cool bookmarks, or a FREE eBook!

Her author’s blog:


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