Words that Wing: A Review of “Flashback” by Jaspreet Mann Kanwar


“Walking around in circles, lurking in dark corners, hiding behind pots and pans, between indifference and sighs, are words full of surprise, begging and longing for life.”

Words “long for life,” great writers give it to them. Here is life that flows from the pages like a leaping river and courses through the reader’s veins, eventually granting wings. This is what Kanwar’s writing always does for me. This is my second book by Kanwar. Now I have wings. Now I have found literary freedom again, celebrated around a nostalgic campground in my heart.

The poems of “Flashback” are unapologetically sincere as each one pines to take the reader into their literary souls. They embody the stark yet beautiful tragicness of the human condition, the gentle silence as well as the toxicity of relationships, and the gorgeously pitiable yearnings of existence. They have a signature wistfulness that belongs to Kanwar alone.

Don’t just read contemporary poetry. Read Kanwar.

Yours in literature,

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