Some Authors I’ve Read and What They’ve Taught Me About Writing

Wings for Wordists


Every book takes you somewhere. Every book leaves a footprint on our literary souls.

The best way to improve as an author is to read great books. I’ve been reading great books since grade school (I was the geek who adored Great Expectations, while others wanted to scribble in it).

This list of authors and what they’ve taught me is alphabetical and is by no means exhaustive (I plan to enhance this library of wisdom periodically). While I’ve read more books than I can remember, the following list consists of authors from whom I remember learning something important about writing.

Cathy Astolfo

Don’t just write about what you know, but reach deep in your soul and wing memories.

Jeff Bennington

Imagination is our greatest ally; don’t be afraid to explore new ideas.

Eldridge Black

It’s never too late to apply a classic style. To anything.

Ray Bradbury

Don’t just create…

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