The Literary Queen of Love: Review of A SEA OF RUBIES by Jaspreet Mann Kanwar


Make no mistake, poets can be novelists.

Kanwar’s breathtaking prose and engaging story telling produce a marriage made in the heavens that preside over her beautiful land, and in the beauty-drunk eyes and minds of her readers.

“There is so much beauty around people … luminous beauty trapped in the confines of their minds. You don’t see it, until they suddenly start talking about something they love. Then almost unknowingly, like a speck of radiant light, it enters their eyes. It falls like an undiscovered stream of delight in their smile …” -from A SEA OF RUBIES

What is trapped in the confines of Kanwar’s heart and soul and mind is love, in all its splendor and beauty. Few authors I know of capture the nuances of love like her. From the infusion of poetry into the characters’ surroundings, the aromatic intricacies and eccentricities of love operating in the loops of her plot, the exquisite ache and perfumed pathos the reader sweetly suffers along with the story, to the finely knitted denouement, one is a richer person for having read; not just by having imbibed the priceless internal and external landscapes of the author’s reality, but by having helplessly drenched oneself in a world only the unreasonably masochistic should want to ever leave.

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Yours in literature,


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