All I Have Left: “A” in the L.E.G.A.C.Y. Blog Series


Thinking has rendered me a fool. I’ve thought myself into oblivion, talked myself out of everything, and into almost anything. As we dive into “A” today in our L.E.G.A.C.Y. series, I’m here to tell you that, some time ago, after really teaching and understanding philosophy, I realized, when it comes to embracing the things in life that matter, thinking is one’s enemy (or, as Don Quixote said, “Facts are the enemies of truth”). Thinking will send you chasing your tail like a dog gradually digging himself into Dante’s Circles of Hell, choosing one argument, then another counter argument, that is just as good.


The hero is acceptance (“A”), or, as more commonly referred to, faith.



It is all I have left.

For me, faith is about letting go of everything that is out of my control, then accepting that whatever happens next, I will be here, one way or another. I, will not vanish. I, will not go gently into that good night.

Recently, I sent the manuscript to my publisher for book 3 in my Captain Shelby Series. Several friends and family members said, “Oh, that’s a no-brainer.” Is it? Really? Pelican Bay was a #1 Amazon bestseller, so what? I know many authors who had series books refused for all kinds of reasons.


I signed a deal yesterday. Acceptance got me through. I knew, whether Imajin Books accepted my manuscript for REVENGE OF THE SEA or not, I would still be here. Pelican Bay would still be here. Sometimes we have to take different roads, often even roads we don’t want to take, but, in the end, they’re still our roads.

We believe we succeed, so we succeed. One way or another.

Try drawing a circle on a piece of paper and, being utterly honest with yourself, write only those things inside it that you can really control. The exercise might give you a new light. It did for me.

First and foremost, what is in the center of my circle is my soul, which cannot be erased, bargained with, argued away, or compromised. And, from my soul, comes the acceptance of those things outside me that, when looked at through the eyes of faith, always end up as they should be.

And, all those beautiful things we continue to believe in, despite everything …

all come from this place.

Yours in literature,


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