I Saw a Book Cover: A Love Story


I saw a book cover on a day when the early autumn leaves finally won out against their shyness. I opened my computer and clicked on an email … and there was a draft of the new book cover for Revenge of the Sea designed by Ryan Doan. Please don’t think this is in any way strange; I am in love with many things. Though, I must confess, this time it was altogether different.

First of all, the autumn leaves this year are purple-blue, even though everyone tells me they are orange and rust and wine and lust … to be something else. And now I seem to yearn for purple-blue clothes, something I never did before. And everything around me has a purple-blue hue about it.

That’s what love does to one … strikes one with beautifully mad fever for just one color.

Second, the Nutella in my coffee tastes like a criminal mystery that a million swallows could not solve.

Third, there is a man on the book cover. He is tall and dark and lanky and stark … to bring you something black. Black is not always bad. Oh, didn’t you know? Love the black and end the attack … of the mundane. He is dressed fastidiously yet raggedly, in a fascinating suit, meant for something greater than you and me. His hat is the most deliciously curious thing one has ever seen, robustly droopy, if there is such a thing.

When I dive beneath the infatuation skied with indigo, when I venture beneath the naughty, hungry lightning, let go of my thirst to know why poor dead things have been washed up by the sea, what remains is the unquenchable idea that I somehow know the tall stranger. And this may be the greatest aspect of love … to ache to get to know something so much that one dedicates one’s life to loving it.

I’m not going to introduce you to the book cover yet. We’re going to get to know each other a little better before introducing the friends and family. I hope you understand. But you’ll be meeting soon.

Very soon.

Well, off to look at my book cover again.

Yours in literature and book covers and indigo autumns,


To see art by the brilliant cover designer, Ryan Doan, visit www.ryandoan.com.


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