Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles?


“I saw someone with no shoes on their feet, in a dirty street, walking the beat, dejected with defeat, nothing to eat, a tear river bed down their cheek, their eyes hollow and lost in a broken dream … and they smiled at me …”

A line from a poem in progress.

As we approach Christmas, a great time of giving, helping, and sharing, two ideas fall on me slowly like giant, perfect snowflakes:

  1. There are many people with far less than you have who are very happy, and,
  2. If you see someone passing by, especially someone who seems sad or distraught, wave hello and smile … because he or she could be enduring the most difficult moment of his or her life.

I wrote a song for a special author friend of mine, Sue McLeod, the talented, published author of the Soul and Shadow Series, when I learned she was fighting cancer. For the fourth time. She was there for me when I first joined Imajin Books, a stranger, an outsider, as shy as I could be. She was the first one to say hello, the first one to purchase my musical art (yes, right out of the gate), and the first one to show me that there are collaborative artists out there. She is one of the most caring, giving people I have ever known.

And I saw her smile not long ago. Despite it all.

Unfortunately, I have lost contact with her recently. The last thing she said to me was that she needed motivation to finish the last book in her Soul and Shadow Series.

The music video for Sue’s song was released briefly but ran into a technical problem. I got swamped with releasing a novel, but I have fixed the error and I am launching the video today. It is funny how life works out, for surely this is the time when she needs her song the most.

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? I might be the most naive person in the universe, or perhaps the most faithful, but I happen to believe that if we all share Sue’s song … something might happen. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Let’s give Sue such a happy Christmas that she’ll find the motivation she’s hoping for to finish the last book in her Soul and Shadow Series, and even more!

Click here to hear Sue’s song and to see her music video.

Merry Christmas,



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