Love Letter to Spring: Thank You for the Greatest Lesson

first crocus flowers

Dearest Spring,

I can’t remember ever needing you more than I do right now. I’m not even going to mind my words anymore the way I always did when we danced before and you complained that I was watching my feet too much. I know that deep inside you must believe that there is a beautiful dancer inside me because no matter how badly I have crushed your toes and rained on your childlike smile, you keep coming back to dance with me again and again.

I know I only have so many dances left with you. When I was young, I chuckled carelessly at Father Time. Do you remember me saying to you, “I have an endless number of dances with you … why do you keep chastising me? You are such a demanding woman!” If only I had understood what you were trying to say to me.

Tell me, dearest Spring, is it too late for me?

I am still afraid, but the illusions of Summer can no longer console me. Only you can. You must have spoken to Summer on my behalf, for he is no longer my friend. He only mocks me now with all his young, elastic, taut acquaintances who linger and dilly-dally and ridicule Father Time the way that I once did.

So be it. I don’t want Summer around anymore, and the aches of Winter are beginning to take their toll. Furthermore, sadly, Fall’s company has become too melancholy for me. I only want you, Spring … if you’ll still have me.

I want our next dance to be unforgettable. I know I’ll never dance as gracefully as you, but your estranged siblings have taught me that I was not the one winking at them as they blew through town; they were the ones winking at me. And hidden inside their winks was that very thing you’ve tried to teach me every year. Will you forgive me for taking so long to learn?

You have taught me that our dance, while beautiful, is not real, and so one has nothing to lose by springing forward rather than falling back, especially when the dance is that much the more enjoyable.

I can already feel the weather warming caused by the friction of your gorgeous white gown upbraiding the snow along the ground. I have never been more excited to see you!

This time, after you go, I’m going to dance your dance so unreservedly and unapologetically that when I smile, the world will think all the other seasons have permanently retired in shame.

Yours in springing forward,









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