Will You Sing a Departed Author’s Song?


One hundred percent of all profits from the sales of Susan’s final tribute song will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. To purchase her song for .99, click here. To watch the video for her song, click here. Susan McLeod is the published author of the bestselling Soul and Shadow Series.

When I first became an Imajin Books author in 2013, I was shy and unsure. Like a neighbor baking brownies for someone new in the culdesac and bringing them over to welcome him to the neighborhood, Sue was the first fellow author to reach out to me. She went to my Website and listened to my music, told me how much she enjoyed it, and bought it immediately. She also immediately followed this blog (and would eventually purchase every literary work I have written).

I was shocked.

After all, I expected other authors to be competitive, even ruthless. This was my first foray into the literary arts industry. In time, I would learn that I was right … to a large degree. However, Sue gave me hope, teaching me that there were a few supportive and collaborative authors out there and, with the brimming hope and gleaming confidence Sue birthed in me, I’ve sought them out ever since.


Sue was at my first book launch for Pelican Bay, the only #1 Amazon bestseller in my career so far, and every other book launch I’ve ever had, even my recent launch where she was so sick she could only stay for a few minutes.

But she came anyway.

That’s who Sue was. She gave until she had nothing left. Then she gave some more. I wish we could populate the whole world with millions of people like Susan McLeod.

But since we can’t do that, I’ll tell you what we can do. We can all come together as a literary community and purchase her song. It’s really quite simple. Not only will the total profit of each song (about .89) go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, a charity that she faithfully supported, but every time you listen to or share her song, you are celebrating and disseminating her spirit …

… one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve encountered in my travels.






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