Anniversary Road


I feel this gentle, warm breeze running its interminable fingers through my hair. There is a tingling that starts in my scalp then courses throughout my entire body like yellow lightning. Tears begin to fall. Of love? Of joy? From the wind? Why must there be an answer? On this road I walk now, everything is correct, and the lines ahead of me braid into a perfect path of unity.

A song is starting in my head now, lyrics sounding on the horizon from a great mountain … a mountain of trust.

Whatever you do, don’t drop me a line, I want to keep on falling till our love lights the way to Heaven. Can’t you see this ain’t no S.O.S? Be a good Samaritan and let me alone. I’m going home … down Anniversary Road. 

Now it occurs to me, like a tentacle of sunshine tickling me from the cottony clouds above, that I could be dreaming. What is this song that makes my bones tango with one another?

No rails, no brakes, no parachutes, we’re gonna catch Forever in his long white beard and white suit. And all you chasing cars with your sirens of doubt, we’re going to show you what true lovin’s all about. All the way … down Anniversary Road. 

Wait, I see something in distance. A cottage? Yes. A little cottage tickling the toes of Trust Mountain, just at the end of a newly cleared path wandering off of Anniversary Road. I can see a glowing yellow light inside, as if the yellow lightning that struck my head, my heart, also snuck down the chimney into the cottage.

Pretty soon I’ll be walking through that door and we’ll embrace like never before … yeah we’re walking … still walking. 

I want to run like an overgrown child! Oh, why not? Here I go!

And when I look into her eyes, it’s like flying high through azure skies … yeah I’m walking … still walking. 

“Hi, sweetie, what took you so long?”

“Oh … I … well …”

She laughs and hugs me with yellow lightning. “Look, silly, don’t you know what weekend this is?”

“Of course I do, but … where did you find this place? Are we awake?”

“Yes. Well, sort of. You see, this cottage at the foot of Trust Mountain is what we’ve built so far. But we’re going to expand, see?”


“Oh, yeah! We’ve only been married a year. We have so much more to build together!”

“So true! Hey, why the red and yellow roses?”

“The red roses are the memories we’ve already made. The yellow roses are for the memories to come.”

“Just beautiful. You know, walking down this road, these lyrics kept jumping into my head.”

“Anniversary Road.”

“How did you …?”

“I’ve been hearing the lyrics, too.”

“Do you know what the best part of being married to you for a year is?”


“That I’m still falling in love with you.”



For Corinna






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