If You Feel the World’s Going Wrong, Please Vote for my Song


Are you, like me, really worried about the world in which we’re currently living? Do you think twice about gathering in public places for special events or visiting popular cities? Do you feel frustrated that perhaps the right people everywhere may not be taking it seriously enough or working properly together to stop it?

Perhaps I’m just a naive artist, but I believe, with all my heart and soul, that just a song can make a difference, especially when it speaks out honestly about something in our world and it can help raise awareness about it. Have you ever wondered why “The Sound of Silence” is suddenly a big hit again?

Well, I’m not Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel, but I’ve given it my best shot. However, the song needs your vote! Please listen/vote here and help spread the word! This is a worldwide songwriting contest. There is no prize, just the spreading of songs with the hope that the right ones can make it farther. With 11 weeks to go in the contest, the leader has over 700 votes. To get in the top ten right now, we only need a few hundred votes.

Hint: you can vote again every 12 hours. Ironically, because of this rule, if you do the math, just 10 people who really believe could literally start changing my life, and perhaps even start influencing the world, in just a few days. Imagine that.


Blowing Away

If I wrote a song about the world going wrong,

Would you listen?

To what I have to say?

It’s blowin’ all away … hey, hey


Killing in the streets, to avenge broken deeds

Don’t you remember?

You can’t win the Devil’s game

He’ll blow us all away … hey, hey



And I can feel a dark wind … coming down the avenue



Hey, it’s blowin’ all away

Unless we come together, today

And think about our children

And the world that we live in

Only together can we stop the hate

But it’s blowin’ all away


Well, I’m tired of sitting hear, wallowing in fear

I can’t listen

To what they have to say

They’re blowin’ us away … hey, hey


There was a day, when we gathered without dismay

Can’t you remember?

It seems like only yesterday

But it’s blowin’ all away … hey, hey



Oh, come on everybody … what are we gonna do?





Listen and vote here! Thanks! 


Yours in words, music, and peace,





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